Webmax launches a New Canadian Site for a Client

By 04 March 2021


Creating an easy to use online casino comparison websites demand skill and experience. Building all the pages to work efficiently for players and visitors requires attention to detail. Hence, getting the right solution provider is critical for your website’s visitor’s satisfaction. Thankfully, you have a time-tested solutions’ provider called Webmaxsolutions, a first-classwebsite developer who has worked with multiple online casino website operators in Ireland and Canada and have delivered top-notch Website for these clients.

On this page, we will talk about this organization and its capabilities in the field of online casino game’s comparison website development.

Who is Webmaxsolutions?

This company builds websites for clients. It has many years of experience and has worked with top-rated Canadian clients to create different websites that are today performing its task as lead magnets, conversion, and retention of those leads.

This company will meet and surpass all your expectations if you contract it for your online website building project.

Proof of Proficiency

This organization, with highly skilled personnel, had built websites scattered all over the world. For instance, its recent project in Ireland is for a casino review website that compares the best online casinos for Irish players. It executed that project on time and delivered it to the owner, an esteemed Irish client.

Besides, it has recently completed the same kind of project for one of its top Canadian clients and created this website casimoose.ca. This site also compares the best online casinos for Canadian players.

Team of Experts

Its team is made up of seasoned web design experts with many years of experience in the building of a responsive Website. In the creation of a comparison website for online casinos, Webmaxsolutions has unbeatable proficiency.

How It Builds a Website

All the comparison websites it builds are created to be easy to use with smooth navigation and fast-loading speed. The comparison sites have the players and visitors at the heart from the conception, completion, and delivery of the project.

Site Development and Maintenance

After building a comparison website and delivering the work to its esteemed clients, Webmaxsolutions offers efficient site maintenance to ensure the Website continues to serve its purpose in a cost-efficient manner.

For instance, it ensures that all the pages work well and that the website is repaired when it needs to be fixed for specific functions that had stopped working.

Website Optimization

This task comprises making sure the websites on-page SEO criteria are met. Its experts create codes that enable your website to meet requirements for it to be crawled by the search engines. It also makes sure your website is quickly listed in the Search Engine Optimization page SERP.

Mobile Website

Building your comparison website is not concluded without building a mobile website since most players now use mobile phones and smart devices to search their review sites and to play in online casinos. Webmaxsolutions assures you that your site will be optimized to load fast in mobile phones and other devices.

Effective Communication

If you hire Webmaxsolutions during the building of your website, its staff will work closely with you and receive any ideas you have from the wireframe stage, where you are shown the way the site would look upon completion to the building stage, fulfillment, and delivery.