Cricket Betting Sites | Development and Design of Online Indian Cricket Website

By 05 April 2021

Cricket Betting Sites


To help you understand more about design and development, we use the example of cricket betting sites that are a trending topic right now in online development. Production of any online cricket betting sites begins with both the audience (the fans) and the sport itself. We’ll be looking at how each area is different in targeting and how they come together to create the perfect online site for cricket.

There are many different review sites online that fit into the niche cricket comparison site bracket and you’ll need to know more about the competition and how to fix what they are lacking, more so than fully involve your web-building ideas on how the site is to be as an end product.

Best cricket betting site in India

So, what steps are needed to produce cricket betting sites? With the world of online cricket betting sites still being seen as a niche market, the competition is just as fierce because the options for fans to get good service and al round betting features is limited. Once you begin designing, you need to be assessing the best cricket betting sites that are already out there and looking to see their flaws that you can better and enhance on.

The biggest market for these types of betting sites is found in India. So, an integral aspect with any form of commercial design and production, there needs to be a level of cultural understanding that will help push your web product into an area with significant appeal that goes beyond the interface of cricket. You want an audience to engage and understand and knowing how cricket is within places like India, will benefit the final design of your cricket website.

Indian cricket betting sites

There are two forms of cricket betting sites that take up the market. The first is the comparison site, one that helps gives gamblers advice on what to play, where to play, and how to play. The second, is the actual gambling platform itself like this well-known site which is 10Cric. They are one of the very best cricket betting sites on the India market and to go into this area of business creation, this is the competition you would need to research and be aware of because they are in the top 5 when it comes to betting sites in India.

Let’s take a closer look at these to different forms of online cricket betting services that make the market up beginning with the online cricket comparison site.

Find the best betting sites for cricket

One of the fastest growing services online are the comparison betting sites that are being produced to target cricketing audiences online and mainly inside of India. These places are there to mainly present the top 10 cricket betting sites in that country. If you look at the example of the best Indian betting sites for cricket, you can see just how useful sites like this are.

It presents users with the top cricket betting sites, cricket betting tips, they provide free bets to those registering with cricket betting websites via their site. They also have cricket guides and a match prediction service.

These elements are minor in areas covered but huge in that this is all that needs to be covered. A cricket fan doesn’t want too much information, stats, news, free bets, and a place to bet. This is all the drive a gambler needs and when developing a comparison site that focuses on cricket, it just shows that less can certainly be a lot more in terms of success because the player/user of the site will have a lot of freedom to make choices.

The homepage is the most perfect example of to-the-point selling. You have the top casinos online hosting cricket. You have their score ranking, the free welcome bonus offers for newly registered players only, and a direct link to the website. It is visual and easy to understand.

Cricket bookies in India

The other side of the market is those betting sites were Indian rupees are spent and one, a bit like this one: Bet365, without a shadow of a doubt the biggest online betting service in the whole world.

Of the betting sites in India this is perhaps the biggest going. Developing such a service would require to out-class the master of service. Sites like Bet365 are able to offer a range of unique sports betting opportunities that most others in the market are unable to match.

When it comes to cricket, you have every field of cricket gaming to bet on, both on a national and international level. Fans will have all cricket leagues from around the world including the biggest, the IPL or Indian Premier League.

Sites of such stature are, therefore, able to provide live streaming services. This is perhaps a more enticing opportunity than having the right betting features. Seeing a game of cricket is perhaps more relatable to the fan of the sport that the actual bet, many cricket betting sites know this and sell their services on the basis that the sports can be watched live and bets can continue in-game to help players win more Indian rupees during a match.

Betting sites

Inside of India, there are more than 20 online cricket betting sites for people to choose from and given that India has a population of over 1-billion, you can begin to understand how successful a good online service can become. This is why cultural understanding will help your development over one that is overly formulaic and not devised or built with India in mind, but more open to it by the chance that it offers cricket.

When producing your cricket betting platform, it should always be simplistic, to the point of what it is offering and clear and honest about the product. Too much of the selling edge will put off players that are now savvy in the why they deal with online services.


The laws in India mean that sportsbook services on the internet can only be allowed from foreign websites. All the betting sites in India are registered overseas in Europe. No business from within India can set up its own casino or betting service. Within the borders of India, only the state can service their nationals with Indian casinos, online games, i.e., the lottery and sports betting options. For players in India to get alternative services and better choice, they can only play inside online betting sites that are based outside of India, where they can still win the Indian currency.