Casinos India | Creating an Online Casino Comparison Site for the Indian Market

By 02 April 2021

Casinos India

At Webmaxsolutions, we pushed our skill into a new market and field of business. The incentive was to create a platform that would host optional services for gamblers based in India. The project: an online comparison site. The project title: Casinos India.

We share with you the work carried out in creating and designing the platform that is looking to become the number one platform to share the must-join online casinos in India.

This site would have to be big because every online casino in India has much going on within it, and regarding the industry, a lot would need to be shared with those looking for clear information, data, reviews and much more, to help them decide where they would be playing going forward.

So, what is Casinos India and what will it do? Well, the basics are simple, provide an informative platform that is appealing, presents the top 10 online casino sites that are open on the Indian market, user-friendly, and provides effective web browsing data for the operator.

For those looking for online casinos in India. They will be presented with a very clean, yet eye catching website that highlights the essential information in categories and tables to help them discover and learn about their gaming options online.

This site is solely aimed at players that are able to play with rupees, both inside and outside of India.

Online casino in India

In creating this new comparison site, we had to understand a number of factors regarding online casino sites in the Indian market. We have to research the existing casinos India has as there are a number around parts of Sikkim and Goa, for example.

We had to produce a place that could be trusted and was able to sell online casinos in India to players that are perhaps new to the whole experience of gambling with their rupees.

Casinos in India

Understanding the Indian laws on gambling also helped. The online casino sites available to those in India are actually based overseas. No online casino are allowed to be made within India’s borders.

The Casinos India project would only succeed if players in India were more aware of their rights to gamble online and that it could be done so through licensed casinos that were registered and based inside other countries. Despite not being based in India, rupees are still a currency any of the casinos listed could easily accept.

Gamble online

To help those gamble online, we created a accessible top 5 list on all pages to easily access the best casinos India had from any article or guide of interest. More imagery was used on this site to guide players to online casino guides, mainly games. The gaming reviews would also lead players to the online casino sites that were able to offer the best services with the specific real money games they were reading about.

The site was very much an integrated web that easily took players to the information they were after and then into or onto the online casino in India that best matched the detail the user was after.

Online casino games

In a section of the site, the operator wanted to have a selection of free casino games made available to users of the site. These would be real money games without the payout. These demo games are the same found inside the casinos India had, so players can experience the entertainment without having to register with an online casino first. This was a simple testing platform that presented users with demo games of slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette.

With the gaming guide, a smaller selection of free demo games would also be found so they can go directly from learning how the game is played and won, to practicing on the real thing found with the casinos India has.

Online casino

This is one of a number of online casino projects that we have been involved in and the first for the Indian market. Should you be after a similar service of a comparison site, then check out and there you will see for yourself how players are able to find the right online casino in India for them to join.

Since the project was completed in 2020, the site has become number one is helping Indian players online find the best online casino in India for them to join. The site’s multi engagement features has helped in the site’s success and popularity.