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A logo is an iconic symbol designed to represent a company, product or service, and sometimes-certain places (i.e. India). It also depicts an organization's personality.

In recent times the term 'logo' has been used to describe signs, emblems, coats of arms, symbols and even flags. In this article several examples of 'true' logotypes are displayed, which may generally be contrasted with emblems, or marks, which include non-textual graphics of some kind. Emblems with non-textual content are distinct from true logotypes.

The uniqueness of a logotype is of utmost importance to avoid confusion in the marketplace among clients, suppliers, users, affiliates, and the general public. To the extent that a logotype achieves this objective, it may function as a trademark, and may be used to uniquely identify businesses, organizations, events, products or services. Once a logotype is designed, one of the most effective means for protecting it is through registration as a trademark, so that no unauthorized third parties can use it, or interfere with the owner's use of it. If rights in relation to a logotype are correctly established and enforced, it can become a valuable intellectual property asset.

A common misconception holds that a logotype is merely a graphic symbol or sign. This is, however, not the way it is defined by graphic designers and by advertising professionals. A logotype consists of either a name or a name and a sign. While large corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to update and implement their logos, many small businesses will turn to graphic designers to do a corporate logo.

Webmax Solutions is a premium Website Designing company which specializes in professional custom Company logo designs and Corporate Identity Solutions. At Webmax Solutions, we understand how critical your corporate logo or Company logo is to the success of your business. Our professional and talented logo designer produce customized corporate identity solutions, while always keeping in mind your requirements. The reason we keep our prices so reasonable compared to those offered by our competitors, is we believe that even a small business should have the opportunity to have a professionally designed logo which meets their budget.
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